Top 9 Benefits Of Pig Skin Leather Shoes

9 Benefits Of Pig Skin Leather Shoes

What is pigskin material in elevator shoes?

Pig skin is the leather fabric made from a pig or a hog. It’s commonly used for many items such as clothing, shoes, rarities, handbags, book covers, accessories, and more. Pig skin leather is ranked fourth in the world’s total leather production after comparing cow, sheep, and goat leather closely.

In garments and height increasing shoes, it is usually called ‘Genuine leather.’ If the product description mentions this, Pig skin has usually been used. See the example of height increasing shoes for men below, where you can identify whether the shoes have pig leather.


Elevator pigskin leather shoes for men

Pigskin leather is also sometimes referred to as ‘Berkshire’ leather. While it is uncommon in shoemaking, pigskin is a famous leather with many uses. Some of these are high-end gloves, elevator shoes men and football!

Additionally, pig leather is porous, soft, and flexible. With this unique combination of characteristics, pig leather is ideal for heavy-use interiors or light garments, such as gloves or sneakers.

Some top examples of Items that are made from pigskin leather:

  • Gloves
  • Elevator Shoes
  • Wallets
  • Garments
  • Bags


Is pig skin good leather for elevator shoes?

Pig skin leather has its benefits. It is incredibly durable and resilient and, thus, holds well against abrasion. Pigskin leather is thinner than cowhide, and its main advantage is that it remains pliable and doesn’t stiffen after getting wet.

As such, it is often used as a liner for fine leather goods & considered a luxury for certain items, including polo saddles. Moreover, it is breathable and water, stain, and oil repellent, making it ideal for mens elevator sneakers.

1- Durability

Although thin, pigskin is one of the most durable leathers available. It is stretchy, giving the leather excellent tensile strength. In addition, it is abrasion and wear-resistant. The most exciting characteristic of pig leather is its ability to be soaked in water without stiffening like other leathers. If you are looking for top-class genuine leather elevator formal shoes men & women, then go for the most reputable shoe brands like Locaka.

2- Aesthetics

Many people prefer the look of pigskin over other types of leather because it has a natural grainy texture that makes it look beautiful without being too fancy or excessive.

3- Surface Texture

A distinct part of pig leather is the surface texture. While smooth, like goat or calf leather, the surface of pig leather also has dimples covering the entire hide. These dimples are pores from the animal and are usually packed in threes. Tanneries may often cover the dimples to create a smoother texture overall.

4- Softness

Pig leather is soft but can fall short compared to goat leather. Pig leather has a slightly looser grain that can be felt but is still softer than most leathers. It has a buttery texture, broken up by dimples along the surface. The back area of the leather will have the softest and tightest feeling grain.

5- Flexibility

A key characteristic of pig leather is its flexibility. Due to its thickness and tanning methods, pig skin is extremely flexible. Some of the earliest uses for this leather was bookbinding, where thickness and flexibility are needed. Today we see pigskin in mens elevator casual that allow them for completely free movement & comfort.

6- Available Thickness

Pig leather is a thin hide in sizes 2oz (.8mm) below. While this can limit the available uses for pig leather alone, it allows the leather to be much more flexible, adding to the overall softness of the material. Despite being thin, pigskin is durable and wear-resistant.

7- Easy to Clean

Washing pigskin leather products is easy and fast, making it an excellent material for clothing, equipment, upholstery, and more. You can brush off dry dirt from the shoe with a soft-bristle brush

8- Waterproofness

Due to the pores on pig leather’s surface, it is one of the least waterproof leathers available. Water will quickly soak into the leather through these pores and only bead off if an additional finishing surface is added.

9- Ease of Maintenance

Pig leather is a durable material that requires little upkeep when used. Because the leather is scratch-resistant, it will look good even after extensive use. Pig leather won’t stiffen when wet even though it is not water resistant, protecting the structure. Like other leathers, pig leather requires regular conditioning to keep it from drying out.

Myths & misconceptions of pig skin leather shoes

Due to the dimpled surface of pig leather, it is often mistaken for fake leather. However, pig leather, like any other animal leather, is real. The dimples come from the animal’s pores; despite being larger than most, they are natural.

Separating it from artificial leather can be difficult for those inexperienced with pigskin leather. The key difference is the softness and breathability. Pig leather will not be as rigid as synthetic leather and, despite being dense, will feel light and airy.

To Sum Up: Benefit Of Pigskin Material In Elevator Shoes

Pig skin has great tensile strength and abrasion resistance, allowing it to be used with less maintenance. Pig leather is also flexible and soft, perfect for garments or shoe linings. While pig leather may not seem the most luxurious choice, it is comparable to goat leather. Offering most of the same characteristics while providing a more durable material. Pig leather will always have a place in my workshop as a durable budget liner. If you are looking for top-class genuine leather elevator shoes men & women, then go for the most reputable shoe brands like Locaka.

Note: Top shoe brands only focus on quality and durability. Their mens elevator casual are made with the finest materials, and kidskin is the first pick for shoe lining. Locaka’s top-quality height increasing shoes for ladies are known for their well-rounded features, including adaptability, durability, suppleness, and the fact that they are impressively more lightweight & fashionable at the same time.

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