Why Shop From Us?

The collection of Locaka is very vast. Our rich collection is packed with hundreds of designs suitable for casual occasions, official use, celebrations, sportive setting, parties, etc. At Locaka, we understand the taste and preference of our customers. Our highly skilled, expert craftsmen showcase their creativity in alluring designs and styles. Locaka height increasing shoes are extremely comfortable. The price tag is reasonable and the wearer does not experience any medical side-effect or discomfort. You will feel the entry of energy and happiness after wearing Locaka shoes. Our shoes are manufactured after considerable research and development. Team Locaka has strived to keep the balance between quality, style, usefulness and durability. It is a great advantage to possess a personal manufacturing unit. We never disappoint our beloved customers. Locaka ensures every customer is given high standard height increasing shoes.


The customer-centric team of Locaka is always happy to serve customers and resolve their doubts, queries or confusions. We sincerely believe in extending professional service to our valuable customers.

  • Our elevator shoes add few critical inches in height and allows wearer to walk with comfort.
  • Elevator shoes simplify several routine tasks and also broaden the visibility.
  • Elevator shoes are highly stable and aid in controlling regular overall movement.
  • Locaka shoes can help you to ride on the wave of optimism and positive energy.
  • Locaka elevator shoes are scientifically designed to improve posture. Our shoes also help in alleviating knee and back pain.
  • Wearing Locaka shoes can uplift your self confidence.
  • Customer centric support team always ready on standby mode.


In comparison to costly and risky medical alternatives, elevator shoes are an appropriate solution for adding a few critical inches in personality. It is impossible to determine whether someone is wearing specialized elevator shoes just by normal observation. The key to height increase is masked in the internal build-up. Locaka elevator shoes are designed to fill the mindset with confidence and happiness. Standing tall and straight gives us a very special feeling. Our shoes are comfortable, specially designed to fit snugly. You can select shoes from our vast collection as per requirement or occasion.

Locaka Height Increasing Boots

The Locaka Boots can be comfortably worn during wet and cold weather in the city or even in pastoral areas. However, for official use, please consider other shoes from our collection. As per fashion sense, only boots with simple leather can be genuinely worn with a suit.

Locaka Height Increasing Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are designed for standard normal usage. Dress shoes can be worn on social occasions, dance parties.

Locaka Height Increasing Casual/Leisure Shoes

The slip-on shoe is very casual. As the name suggests, it is easy to wear. The footwear is sans fasteners or shoelaces. Boat shoes, also referred to as deck shoes resemble to a loafer but are more casual.

Locaka Height Increasing Sneaker

Locaka sneaker can be comfortably worn while indulging into physical exercises and sportive activities. Sneakers are also suitable for regular usage. We offer a sufficient number of designs, color combinations and styles so that customer can choose suitable alternative.

Locaka Height Increasing Sandals & Floaters

Sandal is very comfortable footwear. Just take a glimpse of our stunning collection of sandals and floaters. Gift yourself with a new pair of sandals and allow your ankle to enjoy moments of absolute relaxation.