Know About Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes, also referred to as lift shoes are made to augment the wearer’s height by few inches. Elevator shoes perform the role as the name suggests. Simultaneously, they also add grace to the personality. The elevator shoes have thick sections of insoles that remain concealed under the heels. Ordinary platform shoe is mere footwear that shields human foot. Elevator shoes lift the height of the wearer in a very natural manner.

The component raising the height of wearer is hidden from observers. Materials such as wood, plastic, rubber are used for making soles. The external heel of the shoe is of normal height. Thus, differentiating between elevator shoe and platform shoe is very difficult. Addition of several inches to the height also raises the confidence level. Elevator shoes are comfortable and safe to use.


men height increasing shoes


The outermost leather layer is designed to cover the foot and reflect quality. A shoe should be comfortable to wear. Each layer and component of the shoe is important. The upper layer is made up of different components. Each component has a specific function. The upper leather ensures safety, comfort and reflects quality as well.


Insole refers to the interior bottom of the footwear. It directly sits beneath the foot which is known as footbed. The insole can be removed easily. Some users prefer replacing original insoles with specialty insoles for adding more comfort and supportive fitting. It depends upon personal taste and preference.


It is easy to integrate multiple heights increasing layers together as per occasion and requirement. Height increasing layer also comes with air cushion for extending extra comfort. This layer snugly fits into shoes of all sizes. Each pack contains one pair.


Quality shoes are designed with sturdy outsoles for lasting performance. However, outsoles wear out due to attrition and with the passage of time.

Our men elevator shoes are designed to extend maximum comfort. Increase in height does not come at the price of health. Elevator shoes are designed as per human physiology mechanics which is scientifically approved.


  • Elevator shoes add glamour to the personality and the wearer can walk with ease
  • Stabilizes the body and overall movement
  • Fills the mind with hope, courage and optimism
  • Raises confidence level during social interactions
  • Improves posture and alleviates knee, back pain
  • Elevator shoes are safe alternative for raising height
  • No compromise in style, fashion or comfort


Let us look at few reasons for which everyone aspires to develop impressive personality.

  • Improved self confidence – Sufficient height is a source of confidence and certainly adds confidence in life.
  • Center of attraction – During social occasions and interactions, tall people get preference. They are admired by others.
  • Impression – Tall people are sufficiently confident. Many organizations prefer selecting taller applicants often due to job responsibilities and requirements. Tall seniors effectively control the management.
  • Magnetizing personality – It is generally believed that women are easily attracted towards smart, tall and attractive males. Height plays an instrumental role in the overall personality development. Generally, women give more preference to height rather than facial appeal.
  • Indispensable requirement – In sports, height acts the most pivotal factor giving the player an edge over the adversaries.
height increasing elevator shoes