Three Benefits of Elevator Shoes That You Probably Missed Noticing

Benefits of Elevator Shoes

When you think of increasing height, high heels are probably the first thought that strikes your mind. Ladies widely wear high heels, yet when it comes to males, the options are very limited. One of the renowned brands, LOCAKA, seeks to change this with its unique collection of formal elevator shoes.

LOCAKA Elevator shoes are designed to let short-height men add a few extra inches to their height and confidence in their personality. If you are still not sure whether you should buy a pair of elevator shoes or not, here are some incredible benefits of owning them that you might not know:

Secretly pick your height

While ladies’ high heels extend the height by lifting the bottom of the shoe from the ground to a few inches, which is very apparent and visible to any pair of eyes, elevator shoes have hidden heels inside. It means any passerby would get the impression that you are wearing regular shoes while enjoying being taller.

Elevator shoes can typically add 2 to 5 inches extra to the height. You may like to check out LOCAKA’S  Casual elevator shoes for sale to pick your favorite.

Beauty does not mean pain

Many times women go through discomfort to look taller. Is the same case with elevator shoes? After all, they have a couple of extra inches, just like high heels. The answer is No! Elevator shoes are comfortable. It is one of the key benefits of wearing elevator shoes. The insole of elevator shoes has extra padding to make them pleasant for the wearer, even if he wears shoes all day long. So the extra height with no pain!


Everyone has a unique style of how they wish to present themselves to the world, and for this, they need versatile footwear. When it comes to elevator shoes, it is not an issue. Elevator shoes at LOCAKA are available in various colors, sizes, and designs, and each model is intended to suit formal, casual, and athletic pursuits. For any outfit you have, elevator shoes are the way to go.

Order Today!

At LOCAKA, we aim to manufacture high-quality, height-increasing elevator shoes that everyone can afford. Wearing LOCAKA shoes will give you the utmost comfort and a confident personality. Check out our collection today to order!

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