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Best Elevator Shoes for Women

In today’s world, the rate at which elevator shoes for women are trending can not be overemphasized. Many people use these shoes to curb the problem of shortness, and it has been helping afterward. It is available in various sizes, and even ladies have their own, known as “heels.” As the weather gets warmer in the Spring months, it is important to have a shoe that is both breathable as well as comfortable.

Elevator shoes can look great, but many different types of shoes are available, and each has its purpose. For instance, height increasing sneakers & black mesh sneakers may be best for casual use or exercise, whereas formal shoes like Black Glossy elevator tuxedo shoes are for nights out and the office.

So, before you buy any elevator shoes, it’s crucial to understand their purpose of them. Of course, you are buying them to look taller, but they can harm your feet if you don’t choose the right type of shoe. We have compiled this article to describe the top trending elevator shoes for women and their benefits.

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What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are also known as lift shoes or height increasing shoes. In short (no pun intended), they are shoes that make you look taller. With one glance, elevator shoes for women appear just like any other shoe. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice some differences.

In short: Elevator shoes use a taller heel insert to give you those extra inches (more on that in a minute). And that means your heel will be elevated all day long, giving you a serious calf workout and a learning curve for balancing in your shoes.

What do elevator shoes look like?

There are some minor differences. On the outside of the shoe, you’ll notice:

  • The shoes have a larger ‘bulge.’
  • It looks slightly bigger or taller

Elevator Shoes for Women

Inside the elevator shoe for Women, you’ll find a raised platform that makes the person wearing it appear taller. This is what causes the bulge to appear. Most elevator wears look like ordinary shoes from the outside.

However, they have a heel from the inside, making them seem like regular shoes. This increases the wearer’s confidence, making her happy, stylish, and self-confident.

How do elevator shoes work?

Elevator shoes are specially designed with higher-than-normal heels, which help the wearer appear taller than they might be naturally. Our Locaka team of experienced professionals has spent years of researching the usability of height increasing shoes. Elevator shoes have design goals with these three main features:

  • Hidden Increaser – Leather Insoles– Our superior insoles help absorb the impact of walking while keeping your foot completely comfortable and cushioned. The insole also adds height.
  • Mid-Insoles– The mid-level insoles have two main functions: to protect the leather insole from deteriorating and to provide aeration for the entire shoe.
  • Outer-Soles– This sole level allows the wearer to be comfortable while protecting the foot’s natural instep. Elevator shoes feature a natural rubber heel that can easily be replaced with an ordinary heel depending upon the customer’s preference.

Are elevator shoes worth it?

There are many benefits of elevator shoes & Yes, it’s worth buying them. Here’s why most people like elevator shoes and why you should consider getting one.

  • They look like regular shoes: Since the padding is contained internally, no one can know that you are wearing Height Increasing Sneakers
  • Elevator shoes make: YOU taller: I don’t need to elaborate. It can add up to 5 inches to your height.
  • Increases your confidence: Okay, when people wear these shoes, it makes them feel more confident. According to science, what you wear can directly impact your confidence. Even if it’s just basic psychology, you feel differently with these shoes.
  • They’re Incredibly Comfortable: Though elevator shoes have been designed to increase your height, comfort remains a top priority for most shoe manufacturers.
  • You ‘look’ more attractive: Technically, you’ll feel & look more attractive when you wear these height increasing sneakers. According to an article in Times, studies have shown that people with shorter-than-average legs were viewed less attractive than those with slightly longer legs. So… technically, you will look more attractive when we wear lift shoes. Not so bad after all huh?

Here are somethings to look out for before buying elevator shoes.

Here are somethings to look out for before buying elevator shoes.

1- Bonded Leather

This is a cheap, low-quality material made by squishing together leather scraps to form something barely resembling the real thing. Oftentimes it’s marked as “genuine” leather. This should be avoided at all costs!

2- Style Matters Too

While comfort trumps style all day, finding taller shoes you’re happy with is still important. For instance, if a shoe offers sufficient height increase and support, but the overall design is ugly, they probably aren’t for you. The reason is simply that if you don’t like what’s on your feet, you will not feel confident in them. So if you want formal shoes, elevator tuxedo shoes would be your go-to option. The right balance is crucial for your feet.

3- Boxy Shape

Unfortunately, many black mesh sneakers look like elevator shoes. It’s obvious that they have thick heels, and that often comes with a boxy shape. Try to avoid this boxy look. Instead, opt for something more subtle like Locaka’s height-increasing sneakers that give you a perfect look & make you comfortable as well.

4- Built-In Insoles are the Best

Insoles are important accessories for shoes because they give the extra support and comfort your feet need. With height increasing sneakers, you can buy a temporary (pull-out) insole or one built into the shoe.

Buying elevator shoes for women with a built-in insole can be best because they fit into the shoe’s lining. You don’t have to worry about cutting insoles to size or trying to squeeze them into the shoe.

5- Square Toe

Similarly, you’ll find a lot of elevator shoes with square toes. This is not a good look, especially for short women. Instead, go for a gently tapered toe (a much more classic shape that will never go out of style).


Heightening shoes should be held to the same standard as regular shoes. You need high quality construction, premium materials (i.e. real leather), and comfort.

Fortunately, there are some good options for ladies who want high quality elevator shoes that actually look good & stylish the way you want. When talking about elevator shoes, few companies provide the quality and expertise that can be found in a Locaka’s elevator shoe.

Locaka shoes are designed to make you look taller, more confident, and more attractive whether height increasing sneakers, black mesh sneakers, Black elevator tuxedo shoes, or any elevator shoes for women. Their insoles are thick and durable. They are indeed every buyer’s delight because they possess the secret to height elevation.


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